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Hi, I’m Steve Holliday and I’m a Leadership Coach & Organisational Change Consultant, who’s committed to bringing people together to have conversations about the things that really matter, so we can grow powerful relationships – and make anything possible.

How you might ask? – for me it’s simple:-us-copy1

– Anyone can lead – I mean ANYONE – and that means YOU too – AND those around you – TOGETHER

– When you’re brilliant at being your ordinary, every-day self – extraordinary things CAN and WILL happen

– Your relationships and conversations ARE everything that really matters – it’s WE

– YOU come alive when you are FIRST accountable for where YOU ARE. and THEN responsible for what YOU then DO

– Then YOU need to really CONNECT with the PEOPLE that matter most – and do great stuff TOGETHER

For me it’s a conscious choice about how we choose to step in and be fully who we really are – and the collective strengths of groups of people can change things in ways that still amaze me.

So my encouragement is simple – choose to be alive – be yourself – lead – have powerful conversations and create great relationships – and be YOU at YOUR best.

If you want my help, I’m ready to walk alongside you, for however long you need me 🙂 – Steve

To contact me, reply to this post below, e mail me at, or call me on 01788 519620



  1. Steve,

    Great to see your efforts to inspire others to great things are going from strength to strength. Have you come across Brene Brown in your research? I’ve found her thoughts on authenticity, worthiness and perfectionism versus being at your best to be truly inspirational. Keep making those ‘conscious choices’ and making a difference to yourself and for others.

    Nigel (ex-E.ON)

    • Lovely Nigel – and I hadn’t – great to hear from you ! Hope ur at ur best too ! – Steve

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