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Myself & 5 fellow northern folk, all novice open water swimmers, recently decided to attempt to relay swim the English Channel in Summer 2014- a significant step beyond our usual open water river & lake adventures.

I’ve been reflecting on what it took “in me” to make this “conscious choice”. Was I really conscious in my choices? Was I really able to freely choose?

I believe I did have “conscious choice”, whatever the constraints I was and wasn’t aware of – but the key question for me was how I did it?

The first step was facing the reality of my current abilities, and accepting my own part in being the novice open water swimmer I am today – and being clear what I was good at too.

Then I could dare to believe how great I wanted to be, and explore some exciting and scary possibilities – including what doing something BIG might be like – with other fine folk – inside newly forming relationships.

Making the conscious choice and committing to do Channel Relay 2014 IS is a step into the unknown – scary and exciting all at the same time – and I know I’m responsible and accountable for making the choice to go for it.

It strikes me that when I work with leaders and teams, I encourage them to take exactly these same conscious commitments and choices about what THEY want to and CAN make happen – and step in and have a real go.

So what’s it like for you? How do you experience the challenge of making really “conscious choices”? – let me know your stories 🙂 Steve


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