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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Recently we’ve experienced the amazing efforts of our Olympic GB Team to deliver on their dreams.

We can learn from their conscious choices:-

Choice #1 – getting behind a deep personal belief in a future dream you have
Choice #2 – engaging people in your dream and asking really big things of them
Choice #3 – creating a powerful plan,  then stepping up to really do the work

We’ve also seen Olympians, like rower Alan Campbell, stare heartbreak square in the face after 4 years of effort – exhausted and crying – then standing tall and proud, learning from it, picking up their dream and carrying on.

Choice#4 – staying committed & active in living your dream – whatever the results today.

A friend of mine has a big dream for their work, and was recently told by a senior manager “you can’t change anything around here on your own” and “you’re really not senior enough to make something like that happen”.

Two things struck me initially – the manager saying this to my friend was stuck in this story of it “not being possible”, and then my friend was rocked onto the back foot by this right hook – pushed to reconsider their dream – time to give up or time to carry on?

In this moment they were just as inspiring as the Olympians, when they told me:-

* I still have that big dream, and remain committed, despite today
* I’m going to engage the right people and ask for some really big help
* I’m going to get clearer on the real work that needs doing – and go do it

CONSCIOUS CHOICE : What are your dreams today? Whose help are you really asking for right now? What is the real work that needs doing now? When others tell you it’s not possible today, how are you staying committed, standing tall and carrying on?

Steve Holliday, Leadership Coach & Consultant
Rugby, UK

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