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Monthly Archives: January 2013

This time of year creates a real sense of new possibilities.

So I have a question for you……………..”What’s calling YOU in 2013?”Sunrise-over-the-sea

Now look at the list you have. Which of them are REALLY calling YOU?

I was asked this by a colleague earlier in 2012 about some stuff I said I was really committed to.

They said “Steve, I want you to write 2 lists – one called “your rackets” and one called “your commitments”.

Your “rackets” are the things you SAY you really want and yet you never quite get to them – mind you they often stay on a long wish list.

Your “commitments” are also the things you SAY you want – though the energy you bring to them oozes from your every pore – you go out of your way to engage in them – you make it happen – every day !

Mmmm….I went away for 15 mins and came back – “I don’t have any rackets!” I said. He smiled and asked me to “look harder !” 🙂

Mmmm….another 15 mins later I was shocked. I had a few “rackets” that I just needed to drop. More importantly, I had a “racket” that I THOUGHT was a “really deep commitment” to something important to me.

commitment2Here I was telling myself I really wanted this particular thing to happen in my life, and yet what real action had I taken in recent days and weeks to even start to live it – very little. 😦

I’ve learned that its’ simple – it’s about the energy we bring to the things that really DO matter and are “calling to us” – the other stuff just doesn’t matter – end of.

I’m clear what’s REALLY calling me right now – are you?

CONSCIOUS CHOICE : What’s calling you in 2013? What are your rackets and when will you let them go? What are your real commitments and how are you oozing them from your every pore, every single day? Who’s help do you need to keep bringing your energy to them?

By Steve Holliday, Rugby, UK

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