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My teenage daughter had a test at school and came home with this story – “I didn’t do well, I wasn’t good enough, and some people thought it was funny”.DSCN1287

She didn’t talk about what she got right – or what she had learned from the experience. Her “imperfection” made her & others think “she was just not good enough”.

I’ve seen this in my work in coaching leaders – the drive to be “perfect” still dominates our workplaces. Leaders avoid “admitting weakness” or “showing vulnerability”, and being openly “imperfect” is a scary option.

That said, recently I saw a construction site manager share his  “imperfections” as a leader, and ask his team to help him work on them. He showed that he WAS ordinary and WAS human, and it really helped the relationships with his team.

My daughter did the same, finally shaking off the “I’m not good enough tag” and embracing her “imperfections” as a source of power – not weakness – time to revise better and be bolder at answering questions – you are good enough ALREADY.

imp5I came across a song that was named in a book I was reading – the song was called Anthem, by Leonard Cohen – the key line is “Forget your perfect offering, there is a crack, a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in” 🙂

Enough said – we are not robots – we are human – and our imperfections are part of who are  – at our best..

CONSCIOUS CHOICE : Do you need to let go of trying to be “perfect”? How are you embracing you’re “imperfections”? How are you sharing your vulnerabilities and getting support for them? Are you being brilliant at being ordinary, by being your “imperfect” self ?

By Steve Holliday, Rugby, UK


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