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We’ll be very much focussed on “culture change” – shaping the way “things are around here” – so how we think about “organisational culture” really matters

We’ll focus on the spider’s web of connections we have through relationships and conversations – where all of our values, desires and intentions are competing with each other all of the time. We’ll explore:-

– the conversations we have, the words and images we use, and how we act around each other – every day
– look at how we make meaning we make of it all, and the patterns of behaviour that become normal, or not, between us, as a result

This “culture change” stuff WILL feel messy and unpredictable, so we’ll need to stay focussed on what is happening “here and now”, so we can:-

– “mind the gap” between the behaviour we say we want MORE OF, and how we are ACTUALLY behaving
– then change our behaviours and conversations when we need to – every day.

Practical work?

I’ll be helping you in a number of ways – from design and planning change, through to being in the thick of the practical everyday work with you and your groups.


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  1. what are you up to Steve

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